Hammurabi The Game

Inspired by the BASIC game, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamurabi

Try your hand at governing ancient Sumeria for a ten-year term of office.

Hammurabi: I beg to report to you, in Year 1 of your glorious reign:

0 people starved. 0 people came to the city.
Population is now 100 people.

Last year you harvested 0 bushels/acre for a total of 0 bushels. The rats ate 0 bushels.
You now have 2800 bushels in store.

You own 1000 acres.
Land is trading at 19 bushels per acre.

Land is wealth and power. Great leaders expand their empire.

Sell land when you are short on grain.

20 bushels will feed 1 person. You need 2000 bushels to feed everyone this year.

2 bushels are needed to plant 1 acre. A person can work at most 10 acres. 100 people can plant 1000 acres.

by Jim Witte | Project on GitHub