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Deutsch 101 - Internet-Tag: Einführung
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Mozart & Salzburg Die Musik: Mozart & Haydn Paula Modersohn-Becker Einstein Links

Grüß Gott!
Today you'll spend the class period in the computer lab working with the "Webday101" website.

Why are we doing this?

•to expose you to web-based sources of German culture & language

•to work on reading skills (especially skimming and scanning)

•to offer you opportunities to work with multi-media (sound & pictures) on an individual basis rather than as a group

•as a change of pace from the regular classroom setting

What are we doing?

The website activities are centered around the biographical information on Mozart, Modersohn-Becker and Einstein found in the "Erstes Zwischenspiel" in the Deutsch, Na Klar textbook (3rd ed., Di Donato, Clyde & Vansant: Mc Graw Hill, pp. 104-105). There are also a few exercises that review some of the information from Chapter 3 (birthdays & dates).

Each page contains detailed instructions on what to do. Sometimes you're asked to provide information about yourself, or to read/listen to material, follow links and look for specific bits of information, and then answer questions that you can self-check. None of the information you provide is recorded or stored anywhere.

Some of the pages you'll view are (or are based on) authentic materials: pages written by and for native German speakers. DON'T get overwhelmed by the language! Yes, there will be a lot of words & phrases that you don't understand. Remember, that your task is to find specific pieces of information, not comprehend everything you see. The last page contains a list of links if you'd like to go back and visit any site in more detail later.

If you have any questions, please ask your instructor.

Besuchen Sie jetzt die "Start" Webseite - Viel Spaß!

MJ Licht
Aug. 1, 2001