German Exercises @

Till Eulenspiegel backt Eulen und Affen by Jim Witte

A listening comprehension exercise where students listen to the story "Eulenspiegel backt Eulen und Affen", then complete a few exercises to check comprehension. Students must order sentences chronologically, answer audio true/false questions, and send in a short answer essay to their instructor via email.

Webday 101 by Mary Jo Licht

A web activity aimed at developing reading skills and exposing students to cultural information. Students work with multimedia (sound and pictures) to complete self-graded exercises. Teachers can ask their students to print out completed forms to verify participation. The activities incorporate authentic language materials from German websites.

The website activities are centered around the biographical information on Mozart, Modersohn-Becker and Einstein found in the "Erstes Zwischenspiel" in the Deutsch, Na Klar textbook (3rd ed., Di Donato, Clyde & Vansant: Mc Graw Hill, pp. 104-105). There are also a few exercises that review some of the information from Chapter 3 (birthdays & dates).

Jim Witte